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The Speech Paradigm

In-Home Speech Therapy Sessions for Kids in New Jersey

For a child, language delay can include articulation errors, word retrieval, language output, to name a few. While dealing with kids, one needs patience and understanding rather than just experience.

At The Speech Paradigm, therapy is provided by an expert speech pathologist who has hands-on experience dealing with children with special needs, someone who is well-versed with the struggles of the autism spectrum.

Let Us Come to You

Children feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings, like home or school. This thought led us to offering in-home speech therapy sessions for children dealing with a wide range of developmental differences that impact their participation at home and school.

Our pathologist can help assess if your child's language skills are age-appropriate or not. The child is closely monitored to detect any cognitive or developmental issue, and therapy is tailored accordingly.

  • Autism
  • Speech delay
  • Development delay
  • Apraxia of speech
The Speech Paradigm
The Speech Paradigm

Virtual Meetings upon Request

We also conduct online speech therapy programs to give everyone the chance to communicate or resolve their queries with ease and confidence.

We work with parents and schools to offer a highly personalized care plan to achieve unprecedented results.

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