The Speech Paradigm

Parent & Speech Pathologist in New Jersey

Alexandria & Shawn Guthreau are parents who have first-hand experience in raising a child with autism spectrum. While looking for a quality in-home speech therapy agency for her kid, Alex saw that there were only very few specialists in the area.

They've established The Speech Paradigm to offer effective in-home language therapy sessions for kids in New Jersey to make a real difference in their lives.

Why Choose Us

We leverage cutting-edge technology to conduct our sessions, devising innovative ways to interact with the kids. Our sessions are usually fun and highly motivating for the kids and their parents alike.

The therapists at our facility are well-trained, allowing them to deliver the best service possible by fulfilling the specific communication needs of kids. If your kid needs language therapy at home or school, our office is the place to call.

The Speech Paradigm
The Speech Paradigm

Long-Term Success

When you hire us, you are supporting a business providing a much-needed service to parents and schools. We are a set of motivated individuals who are exceptionally result-oriented. We also make sure to offer continued support to the kids even after the therapy program is over. Taking care of a special-needs child is life long responsibility, and we want you to know that you are not alone in the process.

With a friendly and compassionate attitude, our team connects with kids to offer individualized treatment plans for long-term success at home, school, and beyond.